Friday, August 24, 2012

Almost a year old! Updates!

Woo-hoo! Even though I was on vacation from my other job, I still managed to get a lot done this week for Happy Button! Just a few updates before I re-open on Monday 8/27/12, so there are no surprises: I have decided to pull down some of the collections that have been around for a while, partly because of sales, and partly to change things up - HOWEVER, I know what the favorites are, so I decided to make a collection for just the best sellers - Here you will find a few from each of the collections that did well on sales, and that I frequently had requests for. Some of the others that have been pulled down, the remaining inventory is going to be sold off at Craft shows, and whatever doesn't sell there, I will probably relist on the site in the clearance section. I also have the NEW Fall in New England collection up for preview on Monday - these will go live at 9:30am September 1st! The new collection has 3 old returning favorites, and 2 new scents! Both the fall scrubs, and the Best seller scrubs are available for the 3 for $30 discount code, if you type in 3FOR30 at checkout! The 3 for $10 Lip butter code is also still available LOVEMYLIPS (one code only per checkout)

Also - New Puppy Perfumes! I've been making these for my pup Koumpi for a while now, and we love them! I use them after his bath, and He smells fantastic for up to a week! (My dog has hair, not fur, so I can't be certain if the staying power is the same on if your dog has fur and it lasts, let me know!)

Finally, It's almost been a year that Happy Button Soap Company has been in business! I have made a special limited edition scent, made in limited qty (once it's gone, it's gone!) as a gift set to commemorate this milestone! The scent is Eternal, and it's stunningly beautiful - Carnation, Vanilla, green grass, and a *hint* of balsam. seriously awesome! I only made a few of them, so get yours while you can!