Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lots of Changes (all GOOD!) for Happy Button Soap Co!

Hello my Lovelies!

We have lots of changes over at Happy Button Soap Co! I'm going to give you all a bulleted list of all the NEW things to make note of:

  • First, as you'll notice, and I've posted about it previously, we have a new look! Our website was re-designed, and we also have some new labels (not a drastic change, pretty simple actually!) which you will see on all the new products coming out. 
  • My most exciting announcement, is that my beloved ORIGINAL formula hair conditioner IS BACK! I must apologize about it's previous discontinuation, but one of my suppliers had discontinued some of the components, and then, inexplicably,  just recently, brought them back! I did call them, and they assured me that this would be kept regularly in stock, so I have decided to bring it back since it was so loved! However, i am ALSO keeping the new formula as well, since it is a slightly lighter formula, which might be nice for summer. Both conditioners, are live on the site currently, in Select scents.
  • In relation to hair products (conditioners and shampoos) I have decided to take the Masquerade and Coconut Peach scents out of the scent offerings - the reason is because something in those blends of FO's tend to thin out the shampoo formula, causing it to become too watery. This has been a repetitive issue which has caused me to have to do product replacements on multiple occasions, so I have made the executive decision to cut those scents from the shampoo/conditioner offerings.
  • I had to make a very slight price increase on our foaming sugar scrubs (not the decadent sugar scrubs) due to price increases I am faced with for ingredients of said products - the price has gone from $10.00 to $10.95 (not so bad!) BUT!! as a way to minimize this to my customers, I have created a code 3FOR30 which will basically negate the price increase if you buy at least 3 Foaming sugar scrubs (so back to $10 each) these do not include the Decadent chocolate scrubs - all other products the prices have remained the same.
  • I did away with the other 20% off codes on the clearance items (still a few winter scrubs, and fall in NE scrubs, and V-Day kits left!) and actually just changed the price to the lower discounted price. So you'll get the sale price, without having to worry about a code. HOWEVER, the code for Lip butters is also still active (3 lip butters for $10 = LOVEMYLIPS), as well as the 3FOR30 code mentioned above - unfortunately, only one code can be applied per order, BUT, if you place multiple orders to use the codes, rest assured, I DO combine shipping, and will refund any shipping overages back to you ASAP.
  • We have a NEW product! Instant grace Facial Cleanser. This is an all-natural face cleanser similar to LUSH's Angel's on Bare skin. It is not a dupe, since there are ingredients in my formulation which are not in their recipe, and vice versa - however, it is a very similar product, made to work on a wide variety of skin types.
  • NEW Summer scents! We have a variety of new scents for the summer season, 5 of which are available as foaming sugar scrubs: Lolita - The essence of youth! Sparkling pink sugar mingled with vanilla cream, Green Party - Juicy honeydew melon, bamboo and a touch of green tea, Lime Candy Fluff - Tart juicy limes and sweet cotton candy fluff, Vanilla Amber - sweet amber musk in a warm vanilla and nutmeg blend, and The Orchard - fresh crisp green apples ripening over a field of lush green grass.
  • MORE Body mists! We have a variety of scents now available in Body Mists! We still have the original 3 scents (Thirteen O'Clock, Love & Lust, and Sweet & Dreamy), in addition to: Fresh Cantaloupe, Lime Candy Fluff, Storyteller's Parlor, Masquerade, Lemon Curd & Coconut Cream, and Strawberry Musk! 
  • Lotion scents have also been circulated to include some of the new scents. In order to keep up with demand, all products will only be available in the listed scents on the site - unfortunately, I can't do custom orders at this time. (I did do my best to keep the favorites in though!)
  • COMING SOON: a few new Solid Perfumes! 2 of which will be more masculine in nature (though women can totally wear them too!) Storyteller's Parlor, Arctic Warrior - which is the male companion to the Arctic Maiden, Sugared Rose (as previously seen as a bath oil in the V-day kit), and Strawberry Musk!
  • COMING SOON: 3 new bath oils! Sugarwood, Dragon Lady (as previously seen in solid Perfume form), and Vanilla Amber! Both the Bath Oils, and the Solid P's will be arriving on the site, probably sometime in the next week! 
  • LASTLY, just wanted to give you all a head's up, that I will be going on Vacation (to Florida, Yay!) from May 29 - June 3rd. The shop will be closed during this time, so that I can keep control over orders coming in and out. The shop will be re-opened as soon as I get back! <3

Whooo! That's a lot of changes! Now, here's some HBSC Pr0n to entice you further...

Love and Kisses,