Saturday, December 17, 2011

Contest Winner: Renee Clark!

Congratulations to Renee Clark, who won our facebook contest for a full size Autumn Harvest Scrub! Thank you to all who participated, there will be more chances to win products from Happy Button Soap Co., as we'll have more contests periodically.

Wishing everyone a SAFE and HAPPY Holiday Season!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Button Soap Christmas Contest!

Hello my Lovlies!

I am having a Christmas contest on our Facebook page, for a FREE full sized Autumn Harvest Scrub!

All you have to do, is go to our facebook page (like our page if you haven't already) and "LIKE" the post about the Christmas contest, and also SHARE the post on your own wall. The contest will close on Friday 12/16/11 at 6:30pm, and no further entries after that time will be considered. One lucky winner will win the Scrub!

Happy Button Soap Company on Facebook

 Good Luck, and Happy Holidays!!!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Samplers and Soap!

Good news!!! The Samplers are FINALLY done. I had to price them a teeny bit higher than originally planned, because I am doofus, and did not calculate the cost properly when I had published the last post, and I spoke too soon (Sorry!!)...I t is still very reasonably priced for the amount of product and still under the small flat rate cut off. These CAN however, be ordered with other items and will be shipped accordingly in that case. There is only a limited supply of these, because they are time consuming to make, and I don't want the time spent making these samplers to cut into the time I need to make up my regular inventory, so once these are gone, they are gone...but, I will release sampler packs from time to time, just not ALL the time.

Regular sampler packs (Fall in New England, Goblin City, and Winter Wonderland)

10.7 oz product - $12.00

Fall in New England:

1 oz Shampoo - Apple Butter & Caramel
1 oz Conditioner - Autumn Harvest
2.9 oz Sugar scrub - Vermont Pecan Pie
2.9 oz Sugar scrub - County Fair
2.9 oz Body lotion - Winterberry

Goblin City:

 1 oz Shampoo - Fae Woods
1 oz Conditioner - Oubliette
2.9 oz Sugar scrub - The Missus
2.9 oz Sugar scrub - Thirteen O'Clock
2.9 oz Body lotion - Masquerade

Winter Wonderland:

1 oz Shampoo - Spiced Eggnog
1 oz Conditioner - Gingerbread Brulee
2.9 oz Sugar scrub - Mulled Apple Cider
2.9 oz Sugar scrub - Peppermint Frosting
2.9 oz Body lotion - Chocolate Orange

Sinful Sampler pack - 14.5 oz product - $15.00

2.9 oz Sugar scrub - Chocolate Heaven
2.9 oz Sugar scrub - Coconut Bliss
2.9 oz Sugar scrub - Grasshopper
2.9 oz Sugar scrub - Date Night
2.9 oz Sugar scrub - Land of Nod

Lastly - I made soap. 3 new scents, Shea butter bars. They are not cold process - as much as I LOVE CP soaps, they just take forever to make/cure. These I can crank out a bit faster. Preview will be up on the site in about 2 minutes, and They will go live along with the Samplers on Monday morning probably around 10 am EST! (I have a Christmas party Sunday night, so not the usual Sunday release)

Monday, November 28, 2011

1 more shipping update for internationals, and sampler packs are coming!

Hi all,

Just wanted to update for anyone who is international, and still having difficulty with the shipping. The new shipping profiles should have made it easier to get most things for the small flat rate shipping, but there is one combination that actually CAN fit in a small flat rate box, but because the shipping cut off is based on amount spent, I couldn't get this one in under the cut off. A shampoo and conditioner together, CAN fit in small flat rate. Since the cost of each is $10, I couldn't make the cut off $20.00, simply because the scrubs are the same price, and 2 scrubs cannot fit into small flat rate.

If you are international, and just want to order a shampoo & conditioner, please email me your scent choice for each according to what is available on the website, and your shipping address to: 

I will then generate an invoice for you that includes small flat rate shipping (either $11.35 or $13.25 depending on your country). This invoice will be through paypal, so you can log into paypal once you recieve it, and pay for it that way, and I will ship it out to you. 

I realize that shipping is expensive if international, and I'm doing everything I can to get that down, but at this point, the only thing cheaper would be padded envelopes, and I will not ship using those because they do not offer enough protection. I do not charge anything extra for shipping (no handling fees), only the actual cost to ship.

Another option that you all, whether domestic OR international will be able to benefit from, are sampler packs I am putting together. There will be a sampler pack for each collection, showcasing different products in each scent available. This way, you will get to try all scents in that particular collection, and all of the different forms those scents can come in (i.e., scrubs, lotions, shampoo & conditioner). I will not be doing them mix and match, because to make each sampler to order for every different scent, and product combination would be too time consuming, and I just can't do it. I will be making these up in advance, and that is the most efficient way for me to do it, since I work alone. These samplers will contain

1oz shampoo
1oz conditioner
2.9oz lotion
2 x 2.9oz sugar scrubs (2 different scents)

Since the Sinful collection only comes in scrubs, that one will be:
5 x 2.9oz scrubs in each available sinful scents.

The sampler packs will all ship small flat rate, and will be $10 each (with a total of 10.7oz product ) and the sinful sampler will be $12 each with a total of 14.5oz product.

It will take me a few weeks to get in the packaging and also to start making them up, so once I get everything going, I will list them on the site for sale. I hope this will encourage some of you who are thinking about trying my products to give it a go!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday collection, Lip Butters, and Solid Perfumes LIVE!

The Solid Perfumes, Lip Butters, and the new Holiday Collection are live up on the site now!

for a bit of a deal on the lip butters, get 3 for 10 bucks using the code LOVEMYLIPS

The code will be good through Christmas, and maybe even longer!

Note the Happy Button Face book page for updates also about our lotions.

Happy Button Soap Co.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shipping Update!

Hi all,

just a couple quick shipping updates...I further addressed the shipping issue, because I just wasn't happy with Big Cartel's settings, and I hated to discourage international people from even making a small order, due to 1 set shipping rate, so I changed that!!

I decided to use Paypal's shipping profiles instead of Bigcartel's, so now when you click the check out button, you will be re-directed to Paypal. It will ask you to enter your Zipcode, if within the US, or click on "Outside of the US" just next to that if you are International.

For Domestic shipping, I was able to break up all the states into Zones 2-8, with the regional rate pricing. So automatically, when you place an order, it will give you the appropriate regional rate for your zip/state. Some states were half in one zone, and half in another, so I went the the majority - there's only a very small difference, like maybe up to 50 cents per zone, and if it's significant at all, which it shouldn't be, I will still refund shipping.

Also, I broke it down by Dollar amount spent - so if you are only placing a small order, for $16.50 or less (which would be for one scrub, and a smaller *coming soon* item, 2 lotions, or a shampoo) it will automatically defualt to the small flat rate shipping of $5.00 ANYWHERE in the US. anything over $16.50 up to $50.00 would be Regional rate A shipping for your state, and if it's over $50.00, it would either go Regional Rate B if in Zones 1-4, or Medium flat rate ($10.50) from zones 5-8 (MFR in these zones is cheaper than regional rate. )

As for internationals - I still only have small, medium, and large flat rate, BUT, as I did for the domestic shipping, I also broke the international orders down by amount - so if you spend $16.50 or less, and are in Canada and Mexico, it will automatically default to Small flat rate which is $11.35, and anything over that amount will default to Medium flat rate, which is $26.55

For any other Country aside from Canada and Mexico, The same holds true - If you place an order for $16.50 or less, the shipping will default to small flat rate at $13.25, and anything over that amount will default to Medium Flat Rate shipping for $43.22  (this will hold up to 12 scrubs! so it's a good size box.)

I hope this helps you all when placing orders, so you wont have to put down more that what it will cost, also if I spend less time refunding shipping on every order, I can be making more product!

Have a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Coming soon to Happy Button Soap Co!

I have been Dying to announce this for a few weeks, and now I finally can! Coming next weekend to Happy Button Soap Co:

Luscious Lip Butters and Solid Perfumes!

The Lip butters are made with the softest, most moisturizing oils to Keep your lips smooth and kissable just in time for the Mistletoe to be hung! These come in a .07oz black slim line lip balm tube.

Festive Christmas flavors available:

Red Velvet Cake
Butter Toffee Crunch
Peppermint Frosting

Solid Perfumes are all new scents blended by Bree to enchant your senses - These come in  .15oz oval lip balm tubes for easy application; no more sticking your finger into the pot!

Nazarene: The Scent of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Patchouli mingled with Ornage blossoms, and musk in the night air

Sacred: Nag Champa incense burning amongst freshly scattered Rose petals

Arctic Maiden: Frigid Ocean air touched with electrically charged Ozone, Eucalyptus, Musk, and Sandalwood

Dragon Lady: Dried wind blown leaves, smoky Sandalwood, cedar, Nag Champa incense entwinedwith the resinous depth of Dragon's Blood

In addition to all of that, a New Christmas Scrub Collection!

Gingerbread Brulee
Spiced Eggnog
Mulled Cider
Peppermint Frosting
*Winterberry will also be moved to this collection for the Holidays*

Last but not least, just a few quick updates I wanted to throw out there:

As much as I love the look of those square scrub containers, they are a pain in the butt to fill, as they tend to leave air bubbles which take me too long to work out. I have decided that once I use up the remaining square jars I have, I will be moving onto clear round jars (still 8oz) which will be a lot faster to fill (and much less of a pain in my booty.)

Also, I will be making some slight changes to the Scrub labels. The template I was using to create them was difficult to work with, but I have found a new program that I love, which makes creating new labels so much easier and way faster. For the most part, they will look the same, but with some very minor differences.

And lastly, after the Holidays, I will be removing the holiday Scrubs, to make room for some new scents  - But Never fear! they will be back again during the Holiday Season.  My goal is to periodically rotate scents out, and new ones in. Old favorites will be recycled back in from time to time, so do not worry!

I just want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have given Happy Button Soap Co. a chance, and I am always so amazed and humbled when I see so many of you coming back for repeat orders! You all Rock, and I hope you all have a blessed Holiday Season.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Sinful Collection has arrived!

Hello my lovelies! The sinful collection will go live this Sunday evening at 6:30pm EST. One thing I want to mention, as I'm sure you'll notice, is that these scrubs are priced a little bit higher than the other collections, and the reason for that is simply that they cost a lot more to make (cocoa absolute is freakin' expensive! not to mention the copious amounts of chocolate and cocoa powder) so, the price increase on these scrubs only is to account for that...all other scrubs will remain as they've been, at $10 each. Oh, and I used one of the grasshopper samples this morning, and OH....sweet heaven. You guys are gonna LOVE these Bad Larrys!

(sorry these pics are all sideways! my picture uploader keeps rotating them for some unknown reason...LOL)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Regional Rate Boxes are in! (USA Only)

Great News!!
 The Regional Rate shipping boxes came in, which are about the same size as the medium flat rate boxes. I will now be shipping orders with those, for all domestic shipments, unless the zipcode dictates it would be cheaper to go flat rate. (with regional rate boxes, for those who've never used them, the rate is based on which zipcode you are in, and essentially how far of a distance it has to ship. the further away, the more expensive. The close you are, the cheaper it is.)
For now, because there is no easy way to set this up in the store with Bigcartel's limitations on shipping profiles, I am going to leave the shipping cost set as $10.50 in the shop...Since the cost is different for every zip code, it's easier for me to issue shipping refunds, then have to track people down to send more for shipping if I don't charge enough. It'll help me process orders quicker, and get stuff out to you faster. 
The range is anywhere from $4.97 to $10.50. In most cases, everyone who is at least in zones 1-4 in relation to me, will be able to expect a refund. The only other cheaper shipping option, in case anyone is wondering, would be padded emvelopes, but I am staying away from those for two reasons: 1) they do not offer enough protection from damage during transit, and It's important to me that your items arrive in the same condition I pack them in, 2.) Presentation is important to me, and Boxes are not only more study, but allow me the ability to pack your items in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. I hope this answers any shipping questions you may have, and gives you a better insight. 
 Priority flat rate is still the cheapest option for you international folks, since the regional rate is not available for international packages.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shipping update

Hi All!

I know that shipping can get pricey (especially for those of you who are ordering internationally) I am still looking into seeing if there is any possible cheaper way to do this. Right now, it looks like we will have to stick with the flat rate.

For those of you who are Domestic (USA), It was bugging me that the small flat rate boxes can hardly fit anything, and the medium boxes would probably be too big if you want to order just 1 or 2 scrubs. For right now, since we are opening tonight, we will have to stick with Flat rate just for now, But I have ordered some regional rate boxes that may cut a few dollars off the shipping price (depending on where you are) and the boxes may be a hair smaller. (I think they are still good size though). In any case, these will probably take a couple weeks to come in. These regional rate boxes also have a limit of 15 - 20 lbs max.

We are still Opening tonight at 6:30pm EST, and I have the flat rate prices set in the system currently. I will combine orders that are placed within  the same day (my TAT will be short, so if you place a second order a few days later, I won't be able to combine, as your first order may have already been packaged or picked up.  I will also refund any shipping overages that may result from combined orders.

As far as a cart hold, I think this is something big cartel just least in the plan that I currently have, there is no mention of this anywhere in the settings. If you guys find there isn't a cart hold, it may be that it's just not a feature in the plan I have.

See you tonight!

Friday, September 30, 2011

A Few Quick Updates...

Just a few quick things to note before the shop opens on Sunday:

1.) The shop will open at 6:30pm EST on Sunday October 2, 2011. Keep your eye on the Happy Button Soap facebook page, should there be any last minute changes.

2.)Thirteen O'Clock has been reborn! I decided to go back to the drawing board with this one, and test my original concept, and it was perfect! I'll be updating the site with the new description momentarily.

Thirteen O'Clock: The smell of Victory; Fresh long-stem red roses mingled bubbly Champagne

3.) I tweaked The Missus, and it now represents the original scent I was aiming for, I also tweaked Autumn Harvest...there just wasn't enough pumpkin for my taste, and now there's lots of glorious pumpkin mixed in with the fall leaves!

4.) I've tested out the shipping boxes for those that might be curious - The small flat rate shipping boxes can ONLY fit either 1 of each: shampoo & Conditioner bottles, OR 2 lotions. This is the cheapest shipping option, but with the size and shape of my containers, I cannot fit a full size scrub in them. The Post office yelled at me when I tried...LOL

Medium Flat Rate can fit a LOT. This will probably be the best option for just about everyone. I can fit up to 12 full size scrubs in 1 medium box (not sure why there is such a HUGE difference between small and medium, but whatever!) or 8 full size scrubs and a shampoo and conditioner. Either way, There is plenty of room to play with here. The Large box is even bigger, so if you need one of these, you're buying too much...haha (not really, you can never have too much!!!)

5.) Just as a reminder, my goal is to have this shop open all the time, rather than only for a few sales a year. I will be stocking only limited quantities at a time so that I can do two things: keep my TAT short, like 2 days, and also not to completely overwhelm myself, as I'm only 1 person, and I also have a separate full time job on top of all of this. With that said, don't worry if things sell out quickly, just check back in a day or two, and it will always get re-stocked. I imagine this will only be an issue when I first open, then once all initial orders are filled, it'll calm down more, and will probably be stocked all the time. Just bear with me, as we get things going. If you have any questions about this, just email me at

Can't wait for Sunday!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Button Soap Co. Opens Next Week!

Hello my lovelies!

I am excited to annouce that Happy Button Soap Co. will be opening for business on Sunday October 2, 2011!  I will post another annoucement when I have an exact time, but I think it will be evening (EST).

Also, just an update, that I am going to re-work "Thirteen O'Clock", because it's not living up to my expectations...I may change this one all together to a different scent with the same name (because hey, it's cute!) and if I can come up with the original blend in a version I am impressed with, I will release that one under a different name. I think I should have gone with my gut on my original idea for this scent, so I am going to go back to the drawing board with this one, and try that approach. I'll update again later on how it turned out!

2 other super exciting announcements:

I'm Married!

and I finally Earned my nickname "Sharkdiver" (I took this picture):

Looking forward to Opening the doors, and making you guys some yummy smelling products!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Grand Opening this October!

I am very excited to announce our Grand Opening that will be taking place early this October 2011! We will be using BigCartel as our Main sale site:

Happy Button Soap Company

We will be offering 2 different collections  of Foaming Sugar scrubs, as well as a silky finish body lotion, Super shine shampoos, and Creamy Conditioners for sale.

In the future, we will be adding more products to the line up, and periodically, new scents will be introduced.

We are very much looking forward to announcing when the shop goes live!

Find us on Facebook to also catch our latest updates!