Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Sinful Collection has arrived!

Hello my lovelies! The sinful collection will go live this Sunday evening at 6:30pm EST. One thing I want to mention, as I'm sure you'll notice, is that these scrubs are priced a little bit higher than the other collections, and the reason for that is simply that they cost a lot more to make (cocoa absolute is freakin' expensive! not to mention the copious amounts of chocolate and cocoa powder) so, the price increase on these scrubs only is to account for that...all other scrubs will remain as they've been, at $10 each. Oh, and I used one of the grasshopper samples this morning, and OH....sweet heaven. You guys are gonna LOVE these Bad Larrys!

(sorry these pics are all sideways! my picture uploader keeps rotating them for some unknown reason...LOL)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Regional Rate Boxes are in! (USA Only)

Great News!!
 The Regional Rate shipping boxes came in, which are about the same size as the medium flat rate boxes. I will now be shipping orders with those, for all domestic shipments, unless the zipcode dictates it would be cheaper to go flat rate. (with regional rate boxes, for those who've never used them, the rate is based on which zipcode you are in, and essentially how far of a distance it has to ship. the further away, the more expensive. The close you are, the cheaper it is.)
For now, because there is no easy way to set this up in the store with Bigcartel's limitations on shipping profiles, I am going to leave the shipping cost set as $10.50 in the shop...Since the cost is different for every zip code, it's easier for me to issue shipping refunds, then have to track people down to send more for shipping if I don't charge enough. It'll help me process orders quicker, and get stuff out to you faster. 
The range is anywhere from $4.97 to $10.50. In most cases, everyone who is at least in zones 1-4 in relation to me, will be able to expect a refund. The only other cheaper shipping option, in case anyone is wondering, would be padded emvelopes, but I am staying away from those for two reasons: 1) they do not offer enough protection from damage during transit, and It's important to me that your items arrive in the same condition I pack them in, 2.) Presentation is important to me, and Boxes are not only more study, but allow me the ability to pack your items in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. I hope this answers any shipping questions you may have, and gives you a better insight. 
 Priority flat rate is still the cheapest option for you international folks, since the regional rate is not available for international packages.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shipping update

Hi All!

I know that shipping can get pricey (especially for those of you who are ordering internationally) I am still looking into seeing if there is any possible cheaper way to do this. Right now, it looks like we will have to stick with the flat rate.

For those of you who are Domestic (USA), It was bugging me that the small flat rate boxes can hardly fit anything, and the medium boxes would probably be too big if you want to order just 1 or 2 scrubs. For right now, since we are opening tonight, we will have to stick with Flat rate just for now, But I have ordered some regional rate boxes that may cut a few dollars off the shipping price (depending on where you are) and the boxes may be a hair smaller. (I think they are still good size though). In any case, these will probably take a couple weeks to come in. These regional rate boxes also have a limit of 15 - 20 lbs max.

We are still Opening tonight at 6:30pm EST, and I have the flat rate prices set in the system currently. I will combine orders that are placed within  the same day (my TAT will be short, so if you place a second order a few days later, I won't be able to combine, as your first order may have already been packaged or picked up.  I will also refund any shipping overages that may result from combined orders.

As far as a cart hold, I think this is something big cartel just least in the plan that I currently have, there is no mention of this anywhere in the settings. If you guys find there isn't a cart hold, it may be that it's just not a feature in the plan I have.

See you tonight!