Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hello all,

Just a quick post to say that As a small business in Chelmsford, Ma, the events of the Marathon bombing affected us deeply - Boston is our home, and so I am proud to say Happy button Soap Company has a made a donation to One Fund Boston to help the victims and their families during this difficult time.

#BostonStrong ♥


Monday, April 22, 2013

Come check out our Fairytales collections of 2013, and our Custom Perfume Bar!

Hello my darlings!

If you haven't tried some of the new Fairytales collections, There are still a couple sampler packs left!  Samplers still available for the Alice in Wonderland Collection, and the Beauty and the Beast Collection. Full size products now available in all 4 collections! The two I just mentioned, as well as Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.

These collections, were inspired by well known fairytales, and the idea was to "paint a picture" with scent. Here is the scent list for all 4 collections:

Snow White Collection:
Far away:
The essence of a far away land only found in fairy tales; salty sea air, Mediterranean fig, and Indian Musk

Snow White:
The essence of purity and love; Tahitian vanilla, coconut, winter mints, Birch trees, and carnation  (*This is a very light delicate scent)

Poisoned Apple:
a Luscious red apple, candied and sweet to hide the poison within...

True Love's Kiss:
Sweet, pure, and delicate; tahitian vanilla, romantic musk, and spun sugar.  (*This is a very light delicate scent)

The Sharpness of nature coming to life; Pink grapefruit, sweet grass, and ozone.

Sleeping Beauty Collection:

Princess Aurora:
Golden and Beautiful; Tahitian vanilla, Honey, Egyptian Musk

The essence of wickedness; Egyptian musks and resins, Blood red rose,  Muscadine, and carnation

The Cottage:
deep within an enchanted fairy forest, sits a cozy little cottage; balsam and Birch trees softened with vanilla bean

The Coldness of Sleep:
Icy, cold, and full of darkness; winter mints, birch, Peppermint, and Blue Musk.

The Dragon:
a leathery beast full of fire; leather, sweet grass, balsam, and dragons Blood resin

Alice in Wonderland Collection

a sweet, innocent young girl's perfume
Vanilla Musk, whipped cream, sugar cane, and carnations

Absolem, the smoking Catepillar:
Tobacco leaf, Black Musk, and Patchouli

Cheshire Cat: 
Pink Grapefruit, Green Grass, Oakmoss, Sage, and sugar cane

Mad Tea Party:
Black Tea spiked with lemon, a dash of sugar, and a bit of cream, and a plate of shortbread cookies

The Queen of Hearts:
Juicy Ripe Cherries, a dribble of Red Musk, The Green Grass of the croquet ground, and Redwood croquet mallets.

Beauty and the Beast Collection:

The Price of Vanity:
Icy Mint, Moonflower, Lavender, and a wisp of smoke

The Enchanted Rose:
White Amber, Red rose, Benzoin, Tahitian Vanilla, Ozone, and sugar cane

Benzoin, white Amber, frankincense, Myrrh, Frangianpani, and a touch of golden honey.

The Beast: 
Red Musk, Black Musk, Honey, Benzoin, and Grey Birch

Oakmoss, Dage, Bay Rum, Leather, Blue Musk, and Balsam

*Also, a few new Bath oils from the Fairytales collection have been added! 

Something new that I am really excited about however, is our Custom Perfume bar! Have you ever thought about having a one of a kind unique perfume blended just for you? Well now you can! Our perfume bar has up to 38 different scent notes to choose from - Choose up to 4 notes to create a unique blend that is all you! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week!